Our Valuable Clients

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is the most popular and powerful server side scripting language which is used to create dynamic websites and web applications in a robust, scalable and flexible way. It is broadly used server side scripting language that is embedded into HTML. PHP development is very resourceful, since it supports many kinds of web development, comprising graphical applications. Several popular websites such as Facebook and Wikipedia are based on PHP technology. PHP framework conducts to creation of user friendly, safe, simple to promote, cost effective and dynamic websites. It is progressively achieving fame, and has turned out to be one of the most searched subsequent to web programming environments by PHP programmers.

Advantages of PHP development:

  • Open source and easy to learn.
  • Support for both structural programming and object oriented programming.
  • PHP also has support services using protocols such as LDAP, IMAP, POP3, HTTP, COM.
  • Easy to use and cost effective hosting.
  • License free and cross-platform.
  • High returns and embedding.
  • SFS (Stability, Flexibility and Speed).
  • Multiple extensions.
  • Quick implementation of complicated solutions.
  • DCS trusts in modifying services for clients to make sure 100% completion of needs. Because we virtually consume and snooze PHP programming, we're forever update about the latest information and technology of PHP programming. We identify what we do and we do it well! With making the website or web applications i.e. online softwares or programs in PHP, you can easily run your website on various operating systems such as Red Hat Linux, UNIX, Windows, etc. For those who are on the watch out for speedy, easy and consistent PHP Development or PHP programming, we follow that technology where we talk face to face, deliver working software regularly, and offer every day updates where essential to let you know the development of your project. We endeavor and integrate our clients, corporate analysts, and our programmers towards a common objective – in this case an excellent PHP powered website.