Our Valuable Clients

Linux web hosting is particularly for those websites which are made by the use of PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) language. For the basic languages it is greater to move with Linux web hosting services because it fairly simple to operate. Fine, it all depends upon your usage and size of web pages that choose your hosting server. You may select Linux or may other hosting server but be sure to move merely with consistent and safe server. Here, DCS, creates you promise with dependability and superiority services that made us occurred as one of the well-known Linux web hosting offers of the internet world.

Linux web hosting service is not the latest service for those people or companies who are recognizable with the kinds of web hosting services provided by several web designing companies. Normally, Linux is a type of operating system which has been identified for its reliability and strength. Websites hosted on Linux are deemed to have time up as contrasted to other popular operating systems. DCS is a first-class web hosting company that provides most reasonable Linux web hosting services. A few of the features of included in our Linux hosting services are given below:

  • Individual IP based web hosting.
  • Up to 99.9% server uptime.
  • Automated backups.
  • Full FTP access
  • Web-mail access for email using web browser
  • Monthly Backup of Files & Database
  • FrontPage Ext. Support
  • POP Mail accounts – Access your email from Outlook Express
  • Standby servers and Hot Swap Drivers
  • Unlimited email forwarding
  • Unlimited distribution lists

Linux is a recognized web hosting platform, powers websites on a highly vigorous and dependable platform. Our most low-cost and reliable packages have MySQL, PHP, CGI, webmail, POP3 with control panel. Web hosting has turned out be a very particular business as it facilitates website designers to attention on designing the website.

It is a service that provides web space for client's website on web server which is located typically in a data centre and provides access to the website information through internet connectivity.

We have many web hosting packages to suit your requirements to host your website. We host websites using both Window based and Linux based systems. We provide a range of highly reliable web hosting services which constitute required infrastructure and technical expertise. Our web team has expertise to work with you to determine the best hosting solution suited to your needs and requirements.

Our website hosting solutions guarantee 99.99% server uptime and facilitate a web hosting environment which is protected by virus and E-mail spam.

We provides the following services:
1. Customized Webmail Panel.
2. Complete control and reliability at a reasonable price.
3. Technically-oriented & always-available Customer Service.
4. 24 hour server monitoring.
5. MySQL databases.
6. Perl, PHP and CGI scripting.

So when you host with us, you make sure that you are in the safe hands